Great! You wanna play! First thing first, let's find you an in-game avatar- or a character if wanna think about it that way.

Your Name - Shawty whatcho name is?Edit

This will come about as you get more comfortable with the idea of this concept evolving into 'living' person. That said, there may be racially specific names to be considered. I trust your creativity; frankly, I usually take some common name and start playing with letters.

Your Ability Scores - How Strong/How Smart?Edit

I never know where to begin. Frankly, the most important thing here is to pick what fits most with how you might be. Let's say Mark Deler wants to play- he isn't going to be a short mean shield elf, he would be the most eccentric lightning elf ever. From there we fine tune...

Lightning Elves start out with +2 Dexterity and choice of +2 to Strength or Intelligence, and that's in addition to the dice we'll be rolling to figure out how many points will be going into Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma.

Mark enjoys being strong and charming, but not as much as he loves his fluidity of motion- thus dexterity is his chief stat and strength becomes his additional stat. So now we'll work to see how those +2s work out with the rest of his stats. Done by rolling 4d6- that's Four Six-sided dice, for the three highest- rerolling ones, Mark gets the numbers 16,13,12,11,11,11 to distribute to any of those 6 scores. In order of his preference, now knowing what to expect from the elven boost:

  1. Dexterity :: 16 +2 [18] - Except for the fact that no other high numbers were rolled, it is good to have at least one 18 as a score at the cost of a couple lower stats.
  2. Intelligence :: 13
  3. Charisma :: 12
  4. Strength :: 11 +2 [13] - Knowing I'd receive +2, I picked a lower roll so it would bring up one of my lowest.
  5. Constitution :: 11
  6. Wisdom :: 11

Notice, the secondary stat did not have to receive the highest rolled stat. It pays to be strategic.