Alfheimr is founded as the chief domain of all Elves under Freyr.

  • Evil Forces encroach upon Alfheimr and the High Lord seals it away.
    • As a necessary precaution against Evil, Freyr establishes the Court of Light to protect his people. The first generation founded with those who first fought with Freyr.
      • Future generations would be accepted based on merit during the festival celebrating Freyr's triumph, The Festival of Lights.

[] The Magnetic and Gravity Elves of the Force Moon agree to settle on either side of their moon, as opposed to a terran/subterran relationship.

  • Due to the severe dichotomy of the racial schism, the Force Moon breaks apart resembling an asteroid belt- or the planetary rings....

[] The Water and Plant Elves of the Thriving Moon meet to discuss peace amongst their people.

  • The Plant Elves continually beat out Water Elves in competition, spurning hostilitiies.
    • Water Elves desiring an end to the Plant threat, drown their moon.
      • The Plant Elves that survived the genocide of their people take shelter inside of a giant seed.

[] Tired of hiding from the feral beasts of the Primal Moon, one Psychic Elf attempted to force control of all things' mind.

  • Seeing the cruelty exhibited, multitudes of Beast and Psychic Elves revolt against the tyrant- establishing strong ties between the two races.