The World of Lunacy is considerably large and this wiki is here to sort through it all. Grouped into general categories, these pages offer information pertaining to the game world as opposed to the game mechanics. Racial specific information are broken down where necessary and geographic information when available.

The High Realms of AlfheimrEdit

Here the planes of Alfheimr are detailed with racial information about each sub-group of Elves provided. Histories, Notable People, Foreign Policies, etc...


Abandoned by the High King, Freyr, and the rest of his Elves, Midgard (Earth) is largely unregarded; although there are a handful of individuals with the curiosity and know-how necessary to explore the territory.

The Low RealmsEdit

It is said that the Underdark connects across dimensions, if that is true- the Low Realms are certainly an extension of that malevolent realm, the true depths of which contain an unspeakable evil hungry for the Alfheimr realms.

The LexiconEdit

Miscellaneous terms and concepts are explained in greater detail here.


Centuries of oppression and destruction....