Many moons

A depiction of Alfheim and its moons. Provided by: Megan Duncanson " Title: Many Moons Ago by MADART"

Welcome to Lunacy!

"We have been sleighted- forgotten- ridiculed by humanity who fools themselves.... Never again shall we of Alfheimr set foot on Midgard..." ~ As quoted by the High King of the Elves during the events that preceeded the great Migration.

The mystical Elves of fantasy have largely removed themselves from Midgard (Earth) and cultivated a new realm of dominion. This kingdom, Alfheimr, is ruled by none other than the High King, Freyr, and his Court of Light who guard against the Necrotic Forces lingering in the dark. Surrounding this eden are a multitude of moons with subcultures defined by their dynamic environment.

Game Description

A game devoted to story-telling and character building without stringent dice-rolling, I'll strive to give Lunacy a compelling storyline with plenty of opportunity to affect the world for better or worse.

Check out the tabs up top to see any information about the various Moons, Races, and Game Mechanics. Questions are always welcome.